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About T&T

Once part of South America, approximately 7 miles from Venezuela, lies the most beautiful twin-island paradise Trinidad and Tobago. The island republic is home to over 1.3 million people. This multicultural, richly diverse Caribbean country is one of a kind. Known for its vast oil and gas reserves, Trinidad is also home to the award-winning Angostura bitters.

Be amazed by our history and architectural background, which derived from Amerindians, British, French, Africans, East Indians, Spanish and Chinese. Trinidad & Tobago is an island that gives recognition to each religion; every creed and race find an equal place. We are one of the most hospitable nations; the warm, loving nature of our people will leave you feeling more than welcome.

Come tingle your taste buds as you enjoy gourmet, local, and street food from each ethnic cuisine. Immerse yourself in our beautiful waterfalls and beaches. Enjoy the picturesque views as you discover our exotic wildlife and rainforest. For party lovers, Trinbago is also known for its energetic nightlife. Visit the city that never sleeps. Let the Avenue enthral you with the runway of bars, lounges, nightclubs, and food franchises dedicated to meeting your expectations. If that’s not enticing enough, we also host the greatest carnival you’ll ever experience.

Let this beautiful island captivate your heart as you fall in love with Trinbago and all its glory. Trinidad and Tobago a twin-island a paradise for all. Come and allow this nation to wrap you in its blanket of diversity, experience everything Trinidad and Tobago has to offer.